Thursday, 30 July 2015

Been A While...

This Morning my friend Janet gave me a polite nudge to return to my first love and put pen to paper, just seeing her having the courage to finally start hers reminded me of mine and how I've missed this, considering how much has happened since I last posted eight months ago, from my personal life and in society and globally, so much to write about, many moments that have made me miss being on TV…

Yes I am currently off air, been eight months since I took the hiatus actually...
For 10years all I’ve known is being on screen, yes with a couple of breaks in-between, but all the same on-screen has been the only thing I’ve known. Granted there is always room for improvement in everything we do and I still plan on returning some-day, but not in the same capacity and until I’m sure of how I want to do it, I'll wait... & only until it's abundantly clear then I will return...

For now though, I’m happy to take up a new challenge, grow, learn, make mistakes, fail, succeed, whatever comes I’m ready (but I’m gunning for success!;-) because when you give 100% to something the least you will ever get back is knowledge and wisdom to stir you in the right direction…

I am now behind the scenes in the programming department; sourcing for content, acquiring, scheduling and hopefully in my own small way become a Game Changer…

Just today I had a meeting with a Producer who’s content moved me to the core and confirmed for me that this new path may be uncharted waters for me, but I am right where I need to be, doing just what I’m supposed to be doing. She may not even realize the impact she had on me today, but she reminded me to stay on course and breathe life to the Bigger Picture…

Another recent encounter, this time from KOT whom I think sometimes need a taste of their own medicine that’s why I never shy away from shutting down the one’s who think they can speak authoritatively about your life yet only speak from a void…  Anyway as I rant away…

An article was posted about the rise of strong, single (not married), successful women and posing the question whether this is the new trend? Whether this is the New Nairobi Woman? And though he gave most of us a pat on the back for not choosing to wallow in misery if I could put it that way, I also need to say that the reality for many of us single women, is that it's not really by choice, especially those of us with children, but we choose to get on with it, keep moving and make the best of what we have regardless of our marital status, when you have children looking up to you, you really must be the best version of yourself.

To fellow single women, especially single Moms take it all in stride, love God, put your Kids First and keep working hard, your efforts will never go unnoticed even if it takes a while and if you stay in God, He will surely Grant you your hearts Desires, plus He gives you the Grace and such a strong sense of Purpose which comes with such content and fulfillment, so I urge you all to seek the Source.

Lastly it's quite clear that I'm not the only one with zeal and hope to go after my dreams after POTUS left behind a Spirit of belief that has now made Kenya the Hot-Bed of Promise, Hope and Potential.

I was blown away by his work-ethic, it was a three day packed schedule, back to back, and each time if you all noticed he got better with each speech, he kept time with each engagement and he was fully present giving only 100% each and every time and moving on to the next, whether it was time with his family, or delivering the key note speech or even paying his respects at August Memorial Park... Each and every time he gave his undivided attention, dealt with the issue at hand and on to the next! 

What a Powerful reminder from the World's most Powerful Man! to always be Present and keep moving, no time to bask in any Glory! but keep moving, keep working, keep delivering and ofcourse Keep Believing... For at the end of the day, we are only as good as our last show!! (A little TV Jargon)

Be Blessed...

More to come:-)


  1. Thankyou for sharing your journey. It is helping somebody know they can also do it. Me included. If you get time read this:

  2. Amen!Amem!&Amen! I really LOVE this article!Especially the last part;Keep Moving,Keep working,Keep delivering and Ofcourse Keep BELIEVING!Keep at it my dear! You are such an inspiration to me..definately going to dust out mine as well!!👌👌👍👍

  3. Good read! Keep at it Grace, you inspire me 👏👏 God bless 🙏

  4. Love how you think and your level of consciousness.

  5. This is amazing, I have learnt so much in this small post about you than in all my time following you on Instagram (your daily quotes are inspiring btw.) You're my hero despite my being a guy

  6. You owe yourself to always keep moving and making progress, time waits for no man 😆

  7. You are my inspiration. I love the way you perceive things. I follow you daily on instagram and though am still very young theres always something i run away with. God bless you

  8. God bless you Grace and in everything you do and plan to do you are blessed. you are such an inspiration i admire you.

  9. God bless you Grace and in everything you do and plan to do you are blessed. you are such an inspiration i admire you.

  10. God bless you Grace and in everything you do and plan to do you are blessed. you are such an inspiration i admire you.

  11. God bless you Grace and in everything you do and plan to do you are blessed. you are such an inspiration i admire you.